This is Me

So I guess this is where I start … I am Hollie and this is my first blog, and hopefully the first of many.

Who am I? I’m 23 years young, from Southport and moved to Leeds when I was 19 to go to University. I studied Law and graduated in the Summer of 16. You would think that after making the decision to go to University, selecting what course you want to do and where you want to study, spending 3 years of intense studying, when you graduated you would have an idea of the next step in your life you wanted to go. I didn’t, and to be quite honest, I still have no clue as to what I want to do now. I well and truly ‘wing’ life and hope it goes in a good direction, that system hasn’t failed me so far.

One thing I do know is I enjoy writing and well I guess this is why I am here. I am currently working at a media company and I truly believe I have one of the best jobs, purely because I don’t wake up in the morning and dread going to work and my work colleagues are like family.


I guess I sound pretty boring right? So why should you follow or even continue to read this post? Well my aim is to have a blog that inspires. Not just something for idea inspiration but self-confidence is something I have struggled to have all my life. I come across as quite confident but deep down I hate everything about me. This isn’t a sympathy post but my aim is to showcase my self confidence journey – my weight loss and the journey of my weight loss and also the things I love and I am good at – something to look back at and remind myself ‘do you know what, you’re actually pretty great’. I hope in this process someone who feels the same as me will come across my blog and it will encourage them to love themselves and to stop focussing on the negative.

You may still be thinking – *YAWN* – but I promise this blog is going to be the complete truth – which I believe will bring some entertainment to readers as like I mentioned earlier my life isn’t that together.

Losing weight is one of my biggest aims right now and I always need a visual aid in order to help. Therefore I will be posting recipes, including recipes gone wrong, gym progress and also gym failures. I want to also share with you every day stories that I think may be beneficial to anyone who would read. I hope to be updating a couple of times a week but truthfully that could vary from every day to once a week.

If you are still reading at this point – thank-you! I hope that when you read my future posts you find something that will benefit you and help you progress in life. My aim in this blog and I guess life is to make a difference to at least one person’s life. If you have any feedback/comments/constructive criticism please do let me know. Feedback is always appreciated and encouraged – that’s how we better ourselves as our own judgment is usually clouded. I do have a contact page with my email address which you can feel free to email me on.

So I guess that’s me, my blog, my aims and goals and where I am hoping to go with this. I hope you continue to follow and support me in my journey and I can support you in yours.


Hollie xxx


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